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Aa Unlock APK

About App

Aa is a complex game which can make it difficult to reach upper levels. This strategy game is developed by General Adaptive. The latest version of the game 1.7.2. It is for Android devices only. Android 4.1 and up is required to use this app


Aa is a game that is fundamental. It is much like the old school game of snake that was available on early cell phones. It is entirely free of charge. This game is compatible with all Android devices. You can unlock all levels at once by downloading this APK. The unlock APK is 6 MB. The last update was on December 5, 2018.


  • In app purchases are available.
  • Players must perfectly aim to prick all of the pins in the sphere.
  • Simple graphics, but highly addictive gameplay.
  • All levels are unlocked.


  • Players get a fresh start each time that they die.
  • Harder levels are unlocked with this APK so players can enjoy different levels even if they can’t complete the previous ones.
  • The game is difficult but addictive.
  • Opening up all levels expands gameplay by leaps and bounds.


  • In-app purchases in this game can be pricey.
  • There are a lot of ads to put up with.
  • The graphics are not that spectacular.
  • There are a lot of clone apps out there much like this one.

One can download Aa unlock APK and unlock all levels at once. Now, you can play challenging levels without stressing yourself at lower levels.