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Many people love soccer and if you are one of the soccer fans, then you are in luck. Active soccer which performed well now has its sequel, active soccer 2. It is an exciting game that gives you fast paced football experience.


Active soccer 2 gives you the opportunity to play your favorite game from your mobile phone. You will be able to implement amazing playability and responsiveness. The controls are also easy to master.  In active soccer 2, you will be the one making all the decisions; you do not have to rely on CPU decisions, or scripted goals.

The game has a career mode where you can implement many international leagues, championships and cups. There are plenty of things that you can do in active soccer 2. You will be the manager of one of the 5th division English teams. You are given a budget and your goal is to make sure you are promoted to the higher divisions. It takes a lot of experience to see your team in the higher ranks.  You have to purchase players, manage the team and create tactics that will ensure you become successful.

Active soccer 2 has been developed by Gianluca Troiano. In order to get active soccer, you will need $1.99. You will be controlling everything with just two buttons. Thus, you will only have to worry about focusing on your players and how to win the game. You get joystick to move and two action buttons.  The A button is for shots and long passes and the B button is for short passes. You can also use the joystick to steer the ball. The game gives you the ability to sprint. In active soccer 2 game, you get to choose the visual settings.


You need to learn how to set the games controls to your advantage if you want to succeed in the game. There is the option of creating custom tournament based on different set up types. The career mode comes with league fixtures and tournaments as well as player transfers. There are a few bug issues that the developer has to address and add some features.

  • It has a multiplayer game, up to 8 local players
  • Career mode supporting 850 teams
  • Classic teams and hundred of legendary players
  • Team editor
  • Varied weather conditions
  • Amazing fun
  • Different camera views


  • Simple controls
  • Customize players


  • Bug issues