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Adobe Photoshop Fix APK

About App

Adobe Photoshop Fix APK is a very popular app APK that is mainly used for raster image editing, designing graphics, or digital arts. It comes with a lot of editing tools making use of layers to create flexibility and depth. It is capable of creating almost anything when used correctly.


Launched in 1990 and belonging to the Adobe Creative Cloud family,  this software is considered as one of the leading photo editing apps to exist till date. Mainly used by professional photographers and graphic designers, it is an app that allows pictures to be cropped, edited, resized, recolored, etc.


Adobe Photoshop Fix APK comes with a lot of exciting features which is the reason why it is so highly acclaimed. One of the best features it provides is that of “layers” which help the designers to keep track of editing. The feature of “Tool selection” comes in handy when the designer needs different tools to crop images. The “Pen Tool” is very important as it helps in freehand cropping that isn’t possible in any other editing software.


  • Can edit images from any format
  • Lots of cutting tools for designers’ ease
  • Small edits can be made very easily
  • For people, who do not want to use the computer, this provides a much quicker and less space consuming option for designers, provided they have a higher end phone


  • Can be difficult for beginners
  • It is expensive compared to free editing apps
  • New features aren’t appealing for all


If you want to go back to the state of history, then use the shortcut, Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z.


Instead of wasting time by closing every image window separately, try using Shift+Click to close all at once. Or you can also save the APK in SD card and load it to the device to save memory.