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Age of Empire is a free strategy game offered by Klab Global. The game can be played on devices running Android 4.0 and higher. The Age of Empire APK file size is 35.4 MB. The most recent version of the Age of Empire APK file is 2.5.0. This free strategy game was published on October 26, 2016. This game can be found on Google Play. It is free to download, but there are in-app purchases offered. Special permissions are required to play this game. This game contains ads and is rated T for Teen.


Age of Empire is a one of a kind strategy game where players can be in charge of building up an entire empire. Players start off building a small city and army. As players continue to build up their city, more army options will open up. Players can do a lot more than build a city and army. They can also put that army to good use by defeating and plundering local enemies. Players can join clubs that can help them dominate the game. Create your empire with many different customization options. This game truly gives the power back to the player. Go into battle with legendary leaders that have the power to take down the enemy. Create epic battles that will go down in history. This game is jam packed full of features that will not leave players disappointed.


  • Many legendary leaders to choose from
  • Epic battles that leave players begging for more.
  • Create your civilization and thrive with power.
  • Master the different technologies to stand out among other kingdoms.
  • Prepare yourself for endless fun and creative options.
  • Build powerful weapons that you can take on the battlefield.
  • Rewrite the way history went down with your unique recreations.


  • There is always something to do in this unique game.
  • The graphics are intense and enhance gameplay.
  • There is hours’ worth of gameplay to enjoy.


  • A reliable internet connection is required to play.


This is a highly addictive game. Take regular breaks while playing for long periods.