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Agent dash is an action game that requires you to run and overcome any obstacles on your way. There are plenty of things that you can do in agent dash and boredom will be a thing of the past.


You will play as agent dash, a secret agent on a mission to destroy villain bases. If you have watched the incredible movie, you will notice the environment in the game. The environments are a jungle, clumsy city and underground base. You have to jump, turn and slide and shoot targets to overcome your obstacles.

Agent Dash, the mission in the game is to destroy villainous bases as you can. You will be going through wonderful environments using your secret agent skills. Try to avoid the hazard that is thrown at you which include, falling trees and laser beams.


The gameplay is very simple. As an agent, you will go on a journey to destroy villains bases. Your journey starts from the jungle and you have to run on sharp angles a slide through obstacles. Collect coins while doing all the missions in order to upgrade your character.

From the jungle, you will go to the base where you will conduct stunts and shooting to destroy the base. The clumsy city is your next stop. You speed will increase with every stage. The number of obstacles will also increase as you proceed in the game. Thus, you need to have fast reflexes to advance further in the game.

The developers have made the game interesting. You can use the coins you have collected to buy parachute for gliding through the first stage. The parachute will take you straight to the second stage.  There are 10 characters which you can try out. There are three environments for you to explore; the city, underground city and the jungle. All the environments have essential elements and you can even see the trees in great details. Agent dash will help kill boredom if you are looking for something different.


  • Visually appealing
  • plenty of content
  • Simple gameplay
  • Great graphics
  • Less in app purchase


  • Repetitive