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About app

Are you crazy about flight simulator games? Then will love air navy fighters. Air navy fighters is a developed by Rortos SRL. The current game version is 3.0.3 and requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Air Navy Fighters lets you dive into a new flight dimension. You will be using the C-2A greyhound, F/A-18 super hornet, and F-14 tomcat. There are rescue missions, navy landing operations and ground attacks. You have to avoid radar and disengage yourself from the SAM missiles. You have to choose your favorite weapons that you will use in destroying warships.

There is a revolutionary builder that allows you to build your terrain within your smart phone. You can design your missions by adding different objects.

You will be flying the aircraft from rescue, combat to rescue missions. Destroy oil tankers, shoot your missiles, escape enemy helicopters and refuel in the air as well as avoid radars. There are training missions that will help you go through the controls.


Training will introduce you to requirements and aircraft controls. Once you have mastered the basics, you will not find it hard to take off. There are missions where you have to shoot the enemy bosses, rescue your soldiers to fly over the enemy territory. The gameplay is very immersive and you will enjoy doing all the missions that air navy fighter game has to offer.

Air Navy Fighters game will challenge you to intense mission. You will learn the tricks of controlling the jet. There is a free version but it only has one jet. If you want to get more jets, then you will need to buy the pro version.

The weapon controls are on the right and you just have to swipe the left and you will drive the ammo panel. You have to practice before you can succeed in the mission in air navy fighters.


  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Worldwide scenarios access
  • Multi touch controls
  • Free flight mode
  • Six different fighting missions
  • Advanced weather condition settings
  • Scenario builder with terrain engine and publishing abilities


  • Smooth graphics
  • challenging an addictive
  • Realistic gameplay