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This is a photography app, available at play store and major APK file hosting websites. It has a 4.2 rating out of 5 and is of variable size according to devices. The app has had almost 259k reviews and 100 M installations.


The app which is developed by Sony Mobile Communications, provides instant methods to browse pictures in high quality and also share them online and accelerates camera features of Xperia model smartphones.


The app is free and easy to use and is also safe and verified. The content has a 3+ rating and is available for devices with Android 4.4 and above. Album APK contains features to edit the date and time, add a photo to favorites, create a slideshow and import/export pictures from other apps. The app seeks permission to almost all basic features such as identity, Wi-Fi, location, etc hence making the app most compatible to the device.


  • Photos could be manually updated via options menu through photo view
  • The version is flexible and available according to devices
  • Neat interface. It is easy to store information and to access them at any time


The home network has been disabled and is no more available in the app.


After getting the .APK file, store it in the SD card and then file browser to start using the application. The original .APK files are available on major sites without the mod, crack or cheat.


SD card could be used for storage purposes and the beta version can be accessed for all new advanced features.