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Alien Creeps Mod APK

About App

Alien creeps is a game app in which Aliens have come to earth and they won’t give up without a fight.  It is also one of the most popular games in the action category.


Alien creeps is an action defense game. It has epic battles, Crowd of devil enemies, wild action, impressive graphics and animation, helicopters and lightning bolts.

The main devil leading the army of Aliens is Razo, who is known to be flexible with the different hazardous environment.


It has four main towers, namely, they are Machine Gun tower, Infantry Tower, Laser Tower and Rocket Tower. Machine Gun tower is also known as M-G Tower. Heroes is the unit that can be controlled by the commander or the user, the level here can be increased by winning coins and awards.


  • It is an offline game so you don’t need the net for it. It is specifically useful to be played in locations where internet connectivity is not good, and this does not also cause fluctuating gameplay
  • It is an addictive and fun game, especially for tower games lover


  • You have to pay to get another hero, you can’t win them
  • It has only one hero for free
  • It has limited levels, which are 50 to 60 levels only


  • Save and use Tesla oil in a critical situation only
  • Have Laser towers as they can cut right through any shield


  • Charge Tesla oil as soon as possible with gems
  • Keep Flak, your main hero, upgraded