Aliens Drive Me Crazy Mod APK Download

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Aliens Drive Me Crazy Mod APK Download

About App

Aliens drive me crazy is a game app, which is free on Android. It works on Android 4.1 and plus. It was 3.0.2 version. This game is MOD version, which means it was modified from an exciting game engine. Unlimited Money builds by Rebel twins.


The storyline of this game is that you have to fight with Aliens who have come to earth to invade it and not rule it, rather create chaos without any order. You attack enemies with your powerful moves and weapons.


Its size is 60.6 MB. It has been online for more than 3 years. The current version of this game is 3.0.3 with the size of 63.9MB. The place is chaotic but challenging. You get to unlock special weapons, air strikes and much more.


  • You can customize your look and your own car
  • You can compare your scores with anyone
  • The gameplay is smooth with no lags, although the size of the game is huge. It can be well played on all ranges of devices


  • You have to start from level 0 from a new device
  • Lacks quality shooting button


  • Take fast vehicles to be safe from Godzilla Robot
  • Machines Gun can easily kill lots of Enemies


  • Inside the house, go to the roof, it’s safer and faster there
  • Smash the Alien UFO as you soon as you can
  • Keep an extra life throughout the game, it will be helpful