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About APP

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant, which is also known as just “Alexa”. It is available in a few languages with which one can interact with English, Italian, French, Japanese, German and Spanish. You can call or send messages through it, but you need to have Alexa related App to access the messaging and calling.


It was developed by Amazon and was used in Amazon Echo. Alexa can control several devices itself as a home automation system. Its capabilities can be extended by installing “skills”. It is capable of music playback, voice interaction, setting alarm, making a to-do list, playing an audiobook, streaming podcasts, providing traffic, weather, sports, and other important news.


Alexa can be used to call and message. A user can hear updates on weather, sports, and other stuff while doing other stuff. Food can be ordered through Alexa.


  • You don’t have to stop your work in hand to answer any call or to reply to any text
  • It can control smart lights and can give you a cozy sleep or bright as Sunshine room


  • It can be quite dangerous for your privacy as it pick-ups every audio
  • It saves your location for different purposes like ordering food but it can be an issue of privacy again and safety too


  • Clear the history every now and then
  • Delete the recording which you feel is important


  • You can change the word “ALEXA” or “WAKE” by wake option
  • You can change Alexa’s voice from “Language” option