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The Amazon APK is one of the largest APK out there since it provides all features from Prime to Music to Shopping. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions out there for every type of user and also one of the most popularly used applications worldwide.


The Amazon APK is free to download and is developed by the Amazon Incorporated. It is regularly updated as well. The APK has more than 500 million downloads and regularly features on the top recommended apps for every user on the Google Play Store. Further, it provides access to over 500,000 products, exclusive content, and music.


  • The Amazon app has many features such as music, prime video and the shopping app
  • It has a number of additional features that involve testing the applications from its own app store
  • It also gives access to Amazon Kindle app where one can read books for 1/10th of the price of the paperback


  • One of the largest collections of products
  • The Amazon app has a freemium subscription which means most of the users can still use it even if they do not purchase a subscription


You will have to create your Amazon account and you will need to be logged in throughout. Further, to access the best content, and faster delivery, you will need a subscription.


One thing you can do is to share the subscription with any of your friends.


To save space, first install the APK on the memory or SD card.