Anger of Stick 4: Reboot APK

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Anger of Stick 4: Reboot APK

About app

The anger of a stick 4 is an application that has been played by over 30 million people. You have a task to survive in the city which has been turned into ruins. You will be collecting different heroes. There are a total of 9 heroes who you have to collect. The game has been developed by Blue GNC inc.


Anger of stick 4 is a game where you will be facing against several enemies who are out to ruin your walk through the city. You have to destroy everything in your way and kill everyone before they kill you. You can walk the streets with up to nine characters. You will unlock improvements as you progress in the game. If you want to transform your character into a ruthless fighter, then you need to improve your experience. The game has a tutorial that you will go through before you begin. You can play the game with your friends and fight to kill enemies that get in your way. You will also face the boss to show that you are one of the best players of anger of stick man 4.

There are many types of games that have a specific gameplay. However, anger of stick 4 game combines all the genres to give you one amazing game. The game has the survival and normal modes which are like an action game. In these two modes, you have to beat your opponents before moving forward. There are also several stages and weapons to choose.


There is also a running game which you play in the doodle runner mode. The jump mode is both an action and puzzle game. It is one of the most innovative games in Google Play. The game also has an awesome gameplay and you will be hooked to the gameplay for hours. In the normal game mode, you will be the stick hero and have to fight enemies with kung fu stunts.


  • Team battle mode
  • More than 600 stages
  • More than 200 enemies appear
  • Variety of weapons


  • Amazing action combo
  • Several boss heroes