Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs APK

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Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs APK

About App

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons have already gained the attention of the regular mobile game players. However, it is the right time to try out Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs. Rovio Entertainment Corp. has updated its app, by introducing the Easter theme to this latest game. You may have already played Angry Birds Seasons. Still, you will find a different taste from Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs. You will enjoy seasonal events in this game. The introduction of several features has made this game attractive.


The gameplay presents you with a holiday-themed scenario. The small-sized Easter eggs are destructible. You will 1000 points for each of them. The format of Easter Eggs is similar to that of the other games, like Hogs and Kisses.

In every episode, you can find the levels of Golden Egg with numbering. There are 15 new levels for you. You have to click on T for unlocking three bonus levels. The candies and eggs remain scattered all over the gameplay, and you have to collect them. The pigs have worn lovely bunny ears.


  • 31 episodes┬áhave special themes
  • Weekend tournaments
  • Unique power-ups


  • Good themes
  • Lovely sound
  • Festive design


  • Tough to find the eggs


  • Golden Egg 1- It is a cheeky egg, present in grasses, near the catapult of birds. You can save this egg by removing the grass with a bird.
  • Golden Egg 2- It is in the grass, present at the left-hand side. As the terrain is rocky, you have to choose an arcing shot for hitting it.
  • Golden Egg 3- There is a grassy hillock, from where it peeks out.
  • Golden Egg 4- Find it out from stone blocks
  • Golden Egg 5- After blowing up the TNT crate, you will find it.
  • Golden Egg 6- Smash the adjacent tenements for dropping some masonry and wood on this egg.
  • Golden Egg 7- You have to cut the rope for detecting egg.
  • Golden Egg 8- Use any bird for nabbing it
  • Golden Egg 9- It is at the top part of your screen
  • Golden Egg 10- It is behind a checkered wall
  • Golden Egg 11- Get three stars for having it.