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Anime Studio Story APK

About App

The Anime Studio Story is a game app developed by Kairosoft Studio. The app holds of rating of PEGI 3 at the Play Store and comes in different sizes. The size of the app, as well as Android compatibility, can vary from device to device. Aside from the Play Store, the app can be downloaded from Kairosoft’s official website, as well as other third-party app hosting websites.


Anime Studio Story is a game in which you can create your own anime. You can select the body and face for your character. Next, you get to create your own studio, your own show and start wowing viewers. The studio can be also made according to your own preferences and taste. All that just that you can be world famous.


  • The studio can be equipped with leather, a motion capture room, and a library.
  • The show can fall in some of the given categories such as “popular with kids” and “Dateability”.
  • Train your staff to help you make the coolest anime ever.


  • Runs on all devices (even on low-performance smartphones and tablets).
  • Fun and interesting gameplay. Immense fun for anime lovers.
  • Plenty of customizable features.
  • Super interesting gameplay.


  • Sometimes the screen can go dark and freeze. To solve that you need to restart your smart device and start the game again.
  • The game is not free. You need to make a one-time payment of USD5.46.
  • The game becomes a bit predictable and bit repetitive once you become a big company.