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About App

Archery King is a highly competitive archery game for Android devices. The current version, 1.0.30, was updated in January 2019. The file size of Archery King Hack APK is 74 MB. The app requires Android 4.1 and up. The game is rated PEGI 3 on the Play Store.

In addition to playing your favorite sport on a virtual game platform, the Archery King Hack APK gives you that extra stamina to break any level and become the king of the field.


Compete to win the game in single player mode, with friends or with other players. Aim and try to hit as close as possible to the target center, as this will bring you more points.

You can also make the adjustments that you may need, one of the most important being the wind speed. Be the best in all the various locations and unlock their secrets, while taking on opponents from all over the world.


  • The game is customizable – you can upgrade your bow and arrows by mixing and matching different parts. There are hundreds of different combinations awaiting!
  • Play through more than 100 levels and move up the ranks as new challenges come your way. Winning matches will help you level up, enter new locations, and play against the very best.
  • Experience the different game types available: Rush, Classic, Bingo, and the story mode that you can play offline.
  • Compete in 1-on-1 matches in Classic and Rush modes, and test your skills in singles mode. The multiplayer games are great for playing against your friends!
  • An Internet connection is required to play the game.


  • It is a fun archery game.
  • The game offers excellent graphics for a realistic-looking sports field
  • Various modes and challenges for players.


  • The latest version seems to be quite buggy, as the targets and scores register incorrectly.
  • Gamers complain that the highest scoring players are bots rather than humans. Even with a better bow, you are still likely to lose the game because of the many bots present, but the hack APK should help.
  • The app includes ads.