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Arena of Valor Apk

Arena of Valor is an eSport game for mobile. This game is listed in the app store.

Description and Team structure

The heroes of Arena of Valor are divided into 6 classes, each with its own characteristics. The best advice to get started at Arena of Valor is to build a team that has at least 5 different classes, being the support something to choose if we like that class, but with magicians and attackers as practically an obligation.


  • A balanced formation and a good team game guarantee us to be able to fight effectively against the opponent.
  • Of course, we can choose two attack members who will clean the jungle while the rest of the team contains the enemy. This strategy is good for obtaining resources quickly.
  • Two support units will give us the possibility of playing guerrillas, since we will be fast and we can move agilely on the map.

Tips and tricks

Arena of Valor is the rebranding of the popular Tencent Honor of Kings game for the North and South American markets. Many estimate that Honor of Kings is the highest-grossing mobile game you’ve ever heard, as it is the subject of addiction to mobile games in China. The recent launch of Arena of Valor is the giant’s attempt to expand the game for global players.

Arena of Valor is a 5v5 MOBA game (online multiplayer battle arena). Which means you play online in real time with real players from around the world? With MEmu Player you can get a competitive advantage on your laptop or computer using your mouse and keyboard to play.


  • Multiplatform: available for PC, Android and iOS so you can play wherever you are.
  • Receptive Controls: Arena of Valor has an agile and sensitive control system that is both simple and easy to learn.


  • The game has an FPS monitor, and it is displayed in random instances.
  • Secondly, the Garena editor has not yet established a language filter.