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Arrow Launcher Apk

Arrow Launcher receives updates with some regularity, since its developers lately have focused on making it much more efficient while consuming the least possible amount of memory resources, which has made it today one of the lightest application launchers that exist on Android.


New in v3.0. Significant improvements in performance.

Arrow is 10% faster

Uses 15% less battery

– Uses 20% less memory

With Arrow, you can customize your device to suit your style. Customize icon packs, home page layouts, wallpapers and much more. With the Bing Day Wallpaper feature, you’ll have a new look every day.


  • According to the list of changes of the new version, Arrow Launcher must already be up to 10% more efficient than the previous version, something that undoubtedly its thousands of users will appreciate even if it is not a very significant figure.
  • In addition, the new version of Arrow Launcher brings a new gesture that allows you to use the search function in a much easier way: simply scroll down to open the search menu and start the process. They have also added the ability to customize the grid of the application pages.
  • Another change in appearance, although less important, is the new option that allows us to determine the type of content we want to be displayed on the recent messages page. Finally, they have implemented widgets, wallpapers and many other minor features for greater customization.


  • It is Nice and fast
  • Swipe up settings makes it useful
  • It moves to your apps automatically as it learn which you use most


  • It shift to your apps automatically
  • App Drawer get ages to scroll through game
  • Discourage creating app folders