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All kids like to play with toys. However, they would surely feel a thrill when they imagine that their toys become alive. Battle of Toy stirs up this imagination in the players. The name Battle of Toy may make you think that it is a story, related to toys. The good news is that this gaming app is something different. The game is free to download but contains some in-app purchases. Your device needs to be running Android 4.1 and higher to enjoy this game flawlessly. The Battle Of Toy APK file size is 45.5 MB.


You can find raging toys in the gameplay. In the battles of those toys, their plastic components are beating off each other. The 3D game will reach you to an adventurous world, where you will find several colorful toys. At the starting point of the game, you will have one toy. However, you will find an option of building up your collection by purchasing killer toys of different types. There are also options for costumes and upgrades for increasing the power of the attack. The easy-to-use controls and reflex actions enable you to accomplish the task successfully.

It is a 30-second toy battle, and for triggering the attack, you can stop indicator, present near a green zone. Three styles of indicator come up randomly in this battle. The gameplay also comprises several mini-games, which are highly interactive.

Since you do not get the defensive ability, you can switch your characters. You will be able to make a team of 6 toys. In every battle, you will earn coins and a few diamonds. The locations of the battles are different, and this adds spice to the game. You may adjust the difficulty level for gaining more coin rewards. Use the coins for purchasing new toys. However, the diamonds help you to buy the best ones.

You have no option of playing the game in multiplayer mode. You can find a leaderboard for the players. Although the game has no definite storyline, it is still impressive.


  • Characters have their special ability and weapon.
  • Options to get suits, toys, and parts.
  • Choice of power and weapons before every battle.


  • Attractive graphics.
  • Easy to learn controls.
  • Amusing gameplay.


  • Very few ways of earning diamonds.
  • No customization of the character.