Bike Race APK

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Bike Race APK

About the app

Bike Race games are quite in demand nowadays. You just have to download the game from the internet and play the game as and when needed.  Bike Race is a game in which a biker will drive his or her bike via amazing tracks with loops and jumps in this fast-paced and simple physics-based game.

Description of the Apk

It is a multiplayer player. You can trial your Facebook networks, you will have you tilt your device to lean your racing bike and touch a screen to accelerate as well as brake.

Features of the Apk

Bike Race is having millions of players in the maximum addicting free ready of all time. You can earn all the stars to race levels and complete new achievements to get awesome models of bikes that too for FREE. A few of such bikes: ninja, zombie, army, acrobatic, hog, police, super, ghost, ultra, Santa, Halloween, thanksgiving. And numerous more!

Pros of the app

There will be multiplayer as well as single modes available for all the players.

You can have simple control all the way. This will help you to gain maximum control on the game. You can even earn stars to solve new levels. Check 8 addictive types of world in the game to have even 64 challenging maps. You can even touch to tilt, accelerate to lean your bike.


The bike race game players may encounter the issue of ‘Parse error’-There is a Tricky Parsing the Bundle Error. Don’t concern. Here are the answers.

  1. The will downloaded the .Apk file is not fully or corrupted downloaded. You can check and re-download the game.
  2. You might have turned off so as to allow installation of the bike race app from unknown Sources”. In such scenario you have to allow it.
  3. The App is not compatible with the hardware or a version of an operation system of your type and you will be using.