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Bleach Brave Souls Apk

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With over seven million downloads you can easily see that this is becoming one of the most popular games ever for Android users-


Bleach Brave Souls apk is a real treat for those who are fans of manga or anime and the game itself is based on the anime series called Bleach. Bleach has a huge fanbase as it’s one of the longest ever manga series, which has been played since 2011. The game itself is a 3D hack and slash RPG high in action. The game is free to download on Google Play and with its help you can take part in many of the action scenes which were take straight out of the original story.


Bleach Brave Souls Apk is a game that’s very high in action. You can choose from one the key characters and if you are already familiar with the original series, then you will know what types characteristics you will get this way as each character has their typical strengths and weaknesses. There are weekly leagues , you can play with friends and link your characters together this way, the game is never boring. You can choose the plot too. The game is very popular for its team vs team play option too.


  • The good thing in the game is, that it’s easy to play and it’s entertaining even for those who are not familiar with the original story.
  • The game being free definitely means a huge extra and hence it’s no wonder it’s quickly become one of the most popular RPG games ever.


  • There are no cons really, but I’d advise to keep this away from kids under 12.
  • It can also harm your eyesight to play this came on a small screen for more than an hour.