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Blogger Apk

About App:

If you have the aptitude to create your own blogs, then there is no better place to start than Blogger Apk, which is owned and powered by the huge Google team.


Blogger Apk – Blogging has become overly popular about ten years ago, especially when people realized that they can make money and become popular by writing and posting their own content. Bloggers generally make money through sponsorships, which means writing about a company’s products or to try them out and write about the experience in a way, that’s promoting that certain product. Blogger started up as a fantastic platform because it’s very easy to set up, you can choose from dozens of beautiful themes you can customize them as you like and you can post your content freely.


Choose your team, the name of your blog and you are basically ready to go. Blogger also offers good SEO features where more experienced users have further options to make their blogs more visible to the audience. Bloggers offers several features which cost extra money on other large platforms such as WordPress.


  • It is very easy to set up, this way, it’s a good startup for all the beginners who want to experience how blogging is like.


  • While Blogger is connected to Google and this way to all the people who are on Google, the audience there is not the best.
  • This way if you want to collect fans and followers Blogger is not the best platform to choose.