Bloody Roar 2 Apk

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Bloody Roar 2 Apk

About App:

Bloody Roar 2 Apk is a fighting game available for PlayStation users. This also means that it’s not free.


Bloody Roar 2 Apk is the sequel of the original Bloody Roar 1 which leads you to a world that features 4 main characters and it’s full of action and fight scenes all embedded in one story.


There are several modes to choose from, which include arcade mode, story mode, training and survival modes. In the extra customs menu players can choose from various other features to customize their character and the game. You can play the game in single player or in double player modes. It also has an additional vibration function.


  • The game features great graphics and it’s pretty colourful.
  • The music which is played during the game is also to the like of many.
  • The number of moves were increased when compared to the 1st installment.
  • There is also a good voiceover feature during the game.


  • The game comes for a hefty price and this way the price – value ratio may not be equal.
  • The game lacks lots of gameplay elements and many gamers have a problem that the second installment is only barely different from the original Bloody Roar 1.
  • This poses the question whether it’s worth buying the second installment for those who already have the first one. Although they have added an additional side-step feature, the fights are still mainly full frontal only.

Note: this game is intended for adult players only.