Bloons Super Monkey 2 Apk

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Bloons Super Monkey 2 Apk

About App:

Bloons Super Monkey 2 Apk is a game that’s a sequel to the original Bloons, which is an addictive game for users of all age, with the key target on popping as many balloons as possible. The game is available on Google Play for around USD 2 per download.


The game features the three main elements to the game which means anime-style monkeys, darts and balloons. Of course, the darts serve to pop the balloons. To add an extra twist to the original game the Bloons Super Monkey 2 you can pop balloons while flying a so-called simian and this way you pop the balloons from the air. The simian is automatically firing, which means, that the game would provide with high satisfaction even if the players don’t specifically focus on aiming the balloons. The balloons would always form a sort of a pattern together, making it easier to shoot at them.


In the first series of Bloons Super Monkey 2 Apk, if the player didn’t shoot the balloon, the balloon could hurt them in return. In the sequel this is not possible, therefore all players are safe. This is a one-thumb phone game and it’s pretty entertaining to play which users can start and stop as and when they please. In addition to darts, players can also use bombs, there are some ways to create magic and you can choose the firing mode too. As everything is featured in forms of pictures it’s very easy to understand without language limits.


It’s very easy to play, easy to stop and there are some additional customization features which players can have fun with. The extra boosts player can win can certainly be exciting.


As there is literally no tension and the main focus is on shooting as many balloons as one can, the game can quickly turn somewhat boring.