Bloons Td Battles Apk

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Bloons Td Battles Apk


Do you want to know if your PC meets the necessary requirements to move Bloons Td Battles Apk?  Then you can find information from its site. The fun in this game is still high, thanks, in part, to the additions that this novelty incorporates and that lie mainly in that we can send killer balloons to our rival and enjoy seeing how he is not able to face everything we send him.


The mechanics of the Bloons Td Battles Apk game are summarized in a split screen; same initial money, equality of life, identical balloons for each one and exact board. Thus, the only difference between victory and defeat will be exclusively your ability to manage the best strategy.

Place all your warrior monkeys across the battlefield and save some money to send attacks to your enemies.


  • More than 19 powerful towers with activated abilities and 2 improvement paths
  • Cooperative game with two players in personalized cooperative routes
  • New bloons enemies: harder regenerated and camouflaged bloons and the fearsome ZOMG

Pros of Bloons Td Battles Apk:

  • Free game mode after dominating a route
  • 3 levels of difficulty and a theme for the whole family that everyone can play
  • It is easy to choose between the powers of each package, since in very high rounds you will not need to send too much to make him suffer.
  • Can be downloaded from Google play store


Cannot be played in the group