Bluetooth Share Apk

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Bluetooth Share Apk


Bluetooth Share Apk, install applications from Google Play does not entail complication, or access to apps in Apk format, either from services such as Up To Down or searching the Internet (something we do not recommend). But what if a friend wants the applications you have installed and does not have a connection or does not want to spend your mobile data? There is a very simple solution: share applications via Bluetooth.


It’s easy, universal; it does not require complicating life … Although yes, the Bluetooth connection established between mobile phones is somewhat slow, so it will take a while to share applications with a certain weight. But it is very practical, especially if you use an application like the one we propose:  Bluetooth App Sender APK Share.

Android does not allow sharing applications by default, so you will always need an application that specializes in the task. There are many, but we have chosen  This highly useful Apk share the things because it does not ask for strange permissions and offers advertising in a limited way and within the application. In addition, it has many more functions than we are looking for, sharing via Bluetooth.


  • With this useful and easy to use Apk it is easy to search other Bluetooth devices
  • Can connect with the other devices which ate within range of your Bluetooth Share Apk


Below are some benefits of Bluetooth Share Apk

  • With Bluetooth Share Apk it is easy to transfer data between 2 devices.
  • Can manage more than 1 connection at 1 time


If device is not password connected then anyone can use data with help of Bluetooth Share Apk