Blur Camera Apk

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Blur Camera Apk


DSLR camera with blurred background allows you to very quickly blur the background of your photo to create amazing photos with a blurry background.

DSLR Camera apk is an application that is use to blur styles to your photography. It can be easily download and install on android device.


Blur Camera Apk will do the background of your image blur and create a very effective photograph with blurry background. If you want to focus on your photo in a given area, you can easily download this DSLR camera – Application Blur in the background. Using this Blur Camera Apk you can try different effect on the photo as tool provide the undo, redo the bad actions option so you can revert all the changes if you don’t like the updated photograph.

Features: –

  1. Crop the image
  2. Blur the image on the finger movement
  3. Use photo editing tools such as Undo, Redo, Brush Size, and more. To get an accurate blur of photos.


  • The DSLR camera allows you to record photos in your blur effects.
  • You can share an edited photograph on different social media sites like on twitter, and on face book.
  • DSLR Camera Effect is the most powerful application for creating blurry photos and highlights only the main part.
  • Can be download from Google playstore

You can install this apk on Android devices only