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Blur Overdrive APK

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The latest version of the Blur Overdrive app is 1.1.1, which is available for Android 3.2 and up. The Blue Overdrive APK weighs 22 MB. The racing app is offered by Marmalade Play and is available on the creator’s website, or any other third party application hosting sites.


The Blur Overdrive app is the mobile version of the console racing game that features real-world cars and locals. The mobile app is equally as impressive. The app offers players a wide range of cars to choose from as well as exotic racing locations. Besides, the player will discover upgrade fireworks which they can use in eight races to upgrade their car. After upgrading the characteristics of their racing car, the players can try-out their racing skills against other opponents. After each win, the game unlocks new tracks to introduce the player to new obstacles and challenges. Moreover, the player earns the game currency that can be used to purchase new cars from the showroom.


  • The game has four different kinds of races with multiple racing events.
  • There are nine different racing modes including elimination mode.
  • Players also receive super gains for every win, including quick repairs, acceleration, shields, mines, paralysis, etc., for better winning odds.
  • The game features high-quality graphics for breakneck racings and superb visual effects for aggressive combat.
  • The sound effects of the game have been sourced from real-life engine roaring, tire screeching, etc.
  • For the player’s convenience, the game also has a unique control system which uses the sensor screen.
  • There are eight power-up options on the game including nitro, barge, and shock, among others.
  • The game offers player 25 vehicles to choose from.
  • The player can also fine-tune their cars with more than 250 colors and multiple designs of artwork.


  • The game is highly engaging.
  • The game offers fantastic graphics and a great storyline.
  • It has been designed by experienced gaming developers who fully comprehend car racing.
  • The app runs smoothly.
  • The control system is easy to understand and use.
  • The functionality of the game is classic.


  • The game works best on a high-end Android device.