Boom Beach Apk Download

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Boom Beach Apk Download


Boom Beach Apk Download is a strategy game in which attacks against other players are combined with the construction of bases and buildings, although attacks against bases generated by the game itself can also be launched. It is available for different platforms and you can play it on different devices, including tablets. In fact, in this opportunity we will tell you how to download

The headquarters are the most important buildings. If your enemy destroys them, it wins automatically. You need to protect your barracks, using surveillance towers, mortars or machine guns. As you improve your barracks, you will gain access to new types of buildings.


If your base is already secure, you can launch yourself to conquer the neighbouring islands. Some are controlled by the computer, while others depend on other players. The troops disembark on the beach, from where they attack the nearest enemy. In the bay, you will also find your destroyer, useful to kill enemy missiles.


  • The game play in Boom Beach Apk Download is very similar to that of Clash of Clans, although without clans or other groups of players.
  • You will fight only against the Black Guard, controlled by the computer, and against other players.
  • The controls and the design of the menus remind Clash of Clans. With a similar mechanics, the developers seem to have applied a proven scheme that works.


  • The graphics and sound of Boom Beach are very good.
  • The image of the bases can be extended to see the characters and buildings in detail, although they are not as accomplished as those of Clash of Clans.
  • The scenes of Boom Beach are more contemporary, slightly recalling the epic of World War II and the battles of the Pacific.


Can played on higher version of android phones