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Box Apk

About App:

Box Apk is a file syncing app which can be used on Android devices and is available for free on Google Play.


Box Apk is a great way to store your files and reach them as and when you want to. By offering a free 10 GB cloud storage space, Box makes sure your files are safe and sound and can be reached by you whenever you need them. The application would also make it possible to sync documents between your PC and mobile device. The application makes it possible for you to store all sorts of Microsoft Office files, such as Word, Excel and additionally you can also upload and store pdf files and files of other extensions too.


You can build up your own file sharing system between your portable device and your Desktop and this way, you can always carry your key documents with you. Let it be about contracts, agreements, copies of important documentations, they will be easy to share and reach.

  • The cloud storage makes it possible to use the application from multiple devices.
  • You can preview your files, reach your files and can also print them or send them via email.
  • With other connecting apps you can also e-sign and printout documents with your phone only.
  • Today, over 57000 companies use Box because it’s easy to use and it’s extremely safe.


It’s very easy to use, very easy to set up and the safety is guaranteed


The only key con to the app is that one cannot create more than one accounts within the app. This means, if multiple users try to reach it, they have to login again. However, this also adds to its safety.