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Bridge Constructor Apk

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If you have an interest in becoming an architect or an engineer then this game is just the perfect exercise for you. The game is perfect for people of all age groups and it’s teaching a lot next to providing entertainment. Bridge Constructor is free to download on Google Play.


Bridge Constructor Apk is a realistic building game which basically teaches users many aspects they will need to worry about when it comes to building a bridge. It lets you design the bridge and also gives you many options for testing it. It’s a very creative game where players can see how their ideas fare, when it comes to building a realistic bridge. There are multiple plots which offers different sceneries where you can build such as a valley, river or a canal. You can choose from multiple sorts of materials and you will need to collect a high amount of tools. Each players would start up with a certain budget.


Over time they get the chance to earn money and also to lose money. The newest available plot is the train one where you are offered to build a train line across a whole group of islands.  As there are overall 40 different building levels, this game guarantees you won’t feel bored.


The good thing about Bridge Constructor Apk  is, that it’s highly creative, it teaches us a lot and everyone can play it on different levels. While the more advanced users can go with the train line, beginners and younger players can stick with a simple smaller bridge over a canal. The design of the game is also very alluring and realistic.


It features additional finger control mode for larger screens.