Bsnl Swift App Apk

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Bsnl Swift App Apk

About App:

BSNL is an Indian application that gives the chance for users living in India or dealing with Indian banking to make payments, pay bills or to recharge their phones. The application is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry users likewise and can be downloaded from their respective online stores.


Bsnl Swift App Apk is very easy to use. Users have the chance to choose from among the most popular Indian banks depending on where their account is at. They can this way deal with banking transactions on the way. Users can connect their debit and credit cards and other cash cards with this application and the history also shows everything that happened on the app in a given period of time.


Bsnl Swift App Apk offers various functionalities which you can see straight from the startup page these include the following: pay bills, recharge, history, usage, accounts, fancy number and more. You can setup categories and this way, you can get a good overview of your payments.


It’s easy to use and very easy to setup. his application is primarily for those living in India and having Indian –bound bank accounts or bills. The whole security of the application however, especially concerning all the banking and card details could be stronger. You should also check into the extra fees deducted by the application when it comes to payments.


Note that this app is not a wallet: this way, you can only use it for making payments and not for receiving payments. The app highly depends on the available internet connection.