Bt Notice Apk

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Bt Notice Apk

About App:

Bt Notice Apk is an application specifically designed to connect smart watches with smartphones. The application is available for Android users to download in Google Store.


This smart Bt Notice Apk the BT Notification would collect all your phone’s key data and app information to push notifications and calls to your smart watch. This way, you will always get connected even when your phone is not with you. The app uses bluethooth connection to connect between the two devices.


The key features you can connect includes SMS text messages, camera, remote calls, weather information, contact information and microphone. Every feature can be customized within the app which means you can set up what data you would need to sync and what you don’t need.


This application might be the most useful for those users who cannot have their phone with them or cannot use their phones for longer periods of times, but the phone is not too far from them.


The app connects via Bluetooth there are certain limitations when it comes to the distance between the phone and the smart watch device. And if your phone is within hand’s reach, then why would you need an extra application to view what’s on it? Bluetooth connection is not the safest ways to connect out there as it has proven from time to time. This means that 3rd party may also access your data. According to many users there are connection issues when it comes to remote camera usage through the phone.