Bubble Witch 2 Apk

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Bubble Witch 2 Apk

About App:

Bubble Witch 2 Apk is one of the most colorful smartphone games primarily geared towards female players is addictive. It is easy to play and it’s overly colorful. The app is available to download on Google Play for free for Android users.


Being a bubble popping game, that includes repetitive actions. This game is highly addictive, it can be used for any amounts of time, let that be 5 minutes or 5 hours. The game is perfect for any age. It’s extremely easy to learn and it’s visuals are attractive enough to keep us playing. In the first stage it’s also extremely easy to level up and get all sorts of extras. With time, this will get all the harder and users would need to turn to in-app purchases to get these.


The makers of candy crush saga, one of the most popular smartphone games ever know all well what keep users playing. Bubble Witch Sage is popular for these reasons. Bubble popping is satisfactory, especially when paired up with the popping sounds. The fact, that you can play the game as long as you want to make millions stick with it for long periods of time. The key story of the game is, that the main witch Stella and her cat needs to free her land from the evil spirits. Along the way, they need to pop as many bubbles as they can to fend off the dark forces and win the land back step by step.


Bubble Witch 2 Apk is good for those who have to travel or commute or simply spend time with waiting a lot as it’s a very good pastime activity.


Keep it away from smaller children as it’a very addictive.