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Bugtroid Pro Apk

About App:

Bugroid is a hacking tool which is free to download from various sites.


Bugtroid Pro Apk was originally devised for testing purposes, in real it’s a sort of a spyware, which allows users to look into mapping networks, checking out for users do web analytics, perform antivirus checks and system checks. All in all it’s a hacking tool. It also offers anonymity for its users.


Bugtroid Pro Apk is mainly devised for those who want to check out whether someone’s Android system is safe and sound. It’s features tell the most for those who have coding experience especially in terms of android apps, systems and devices. It’s key tools include cryptography features, pen testing features, sniffers, audit checking tools, remote tools, examining tools, doing Web analytics, perform security checking, antivirus check, system check, DDOS.


It’s a great tool for testing purposes for those whose profession is in ethical hacking. Users can reach more than 200 different Android tools with it. It’s compatible with the following Android versions: 2.x, 3.x y 4.X.


If in bad hands this tool is also good for illegal attacks, DDOS attacks, perform hackings and spying on others. The legality of the tool itself can also be questioned, for sure in many countries the unauthorized use of this app would be illegal. Make sure you download it from a trusted website. Another con is that this is strictly for professionals, Someone who has no coding knowledge can do enough harm with it.