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Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Apk


Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Apk is a best game that was released in 1993 by Capcom. This game was a real success in several arcade and related houses, making even more success than other titles of the time. The plot takes place in the year 2513, in a post-apocalyptic epoch in which humanity has mocked the laws of nature. So, for everything to return to “normal”, nature has spawned a catastrophe, killing many humans and bringing the dinosaurs back to life.

However, some scientists are trying to circumvent the laws of nature again and can generate a new catastrophe. So you need to join with your friends to end these risk plans.


Like other games of the genre, in Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Apk you find characters with unique characteristics that help define your style of play. They are:

  • Jack Tenrec: A mechanic and protagonist of the game, he has the most balanced attributes;
  • Hannah Dundee : A very agile scientist, she presents a good combination of agility and skill;
  • Mustapha Cairo : an engineer and great friend of Jack, he is not very skilful, but compensates for his high strength and agility;
  • Mess O’Bradovich: The team’s brute, his strength is the highest in the game.


  • You can use this Cadillacs and dinosaurs Mustapha game guide through the game to test the new levels and extras of the game.
  • This will help you, since it works without an Internet connection and without having personal information; it is only for education and entertainment.


  • An incredible complete custom application interface just for education.
  • Help you play the story strategy with extra bonuses with Cadillacs and dinosaurs Mustapha game.


Multiplayer game only