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Call Apk

About App:

Call Apk is an official application available in Google Store to download for mobile devices which use Android platform. If you want to give a stronger check on who’s calling you and have more power in controlling the incoming call, then this application is the perfect tool for you.


Call Apk is one of the best players in the game and has over 50 million users. The application is in contact with various phone registry systems, this way it can screen the incoming calls, it gives users the chance to block spam and other unwanted calls and also has other phone and call related features.


Some of the most popular features include the following: Block Caller ID, Record phone calls, True Called ID feature, Dialer and contacts feature, list of blacklisted numbers and a contact list.


  • It has a real excellent customer service which instantly reacts to even the slightly bad critics.
  • It also has tons of useful features such as the call recording and spam number filtering features.
  • Also it can be very useful to reveal the true caller behind an unknown phone number.
  • It’s a free app, however some of its extra features may require additional purchase.


Some users have reported the app sending emails on their behalf ( as an additional information, the app would request access to the users’ email contacts too, to this way get further help in blocking or letting phone calls through.