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Call Hacker Apk

About app:

Call hacking is unethical and it’s illegal in most countries throughout the world. Therefore, if you wish to engage in call hacking activities, you need to be aware of the fact, that your activity can bring you legal troubles. The same goes for all the call hacker Apk which are available to download from various sites. We have tried to remain in the legal zone as much as possible. We would like to suggest you one app, that’s for ethical hackers who have this as a profession.


Call Hacker Apk is a tool specifically designed for specialists and for those who deal with ethical hacking, penetration testing and other phone security issues. The app offers three modules: the reconnaissance, the scanning and the security feed.


This tool is not for the newbies, but for specialists who deal with databases and coding. Features include SQL Injection, access to MySQL, DNS Lookup, IP lookup, Security RSS feed and Exploits. There is no private information the app would need and no registration required either.


It’s specifically destined for the task it has tons of tools and features for coders, IT Security personnel who would like to investigate or to learn about Android hacking.


Unfortunately as it goes with tools which are for ethical hacking, the app can be used for illegal hacking as well by someone who knows how to do it. It’s also not suggested for newbies or those who are not as professional in android related coding.