Call of Duty Apk

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Call of Duty Apk
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About App:

One of the most popular games is finally out to play on mobile devices too. Call of Duty Apk is a game full of action and this sub type was primarily designed for those, who don’t want to lose out even when they cannot play from their gaming device or desktop.


Call of Duty Apk fans who already know about the game will not have too many surprises but the game would provide what they would expect.


Performance measuring after each battle, personalized recommendations about what to improve in your performance or actions, lots of maps with different views, modes offering different views and scenery and the chance to play with friends. The career tracker will show you exactly where you are ranked. You can now play with friends straight from your mobile device too. Squad management will help you deal with squad related goals and challenges.


  • It’s a game full of action which should definitely keep players entertained for long periods of time.
  • According to many, the game has still many bugs in it which shows in sometimes incorrect registering of points, failure to display challenges and at times unavailability.


As something to keep in mind, this game would be best to play with undisturbed, strong internet connection. Also, due to the action the game cannot be easily interrupted without consequences. For a mobile game Call of Duty Companion is definitely a long game which requires plenty of free-time.