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Call Of Duty Ghosts Apk

About App:

Call Of Duty Ghosts Apk is another sequel to the already massively successful game and Call of Duty Ghosts, has all an action game and CoD fanatic will be looking for: most of all non-stop action. The game is available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox users.


Call Of Duty Ghosts Apk is definitely aimed at those who are fans of the original Call of Duty and who look for updates, let these be sequels, prequels or side –stories. The game is action filled, it has a good multiplayer function with almost impeccable graphics, music, light and sound effects. Of course there is a basic story to it all as well: the two key characters are called Logan and Hesh, two Marines who are almost the only survivals of an attack that comes from South America killing the majority of the population.

These two jarheads would be summoned to be part of an elite commando troop called Ghosts to fight the invaders as the last hope of the US. They need to go through many missions. They also have a dog called Riley who helps them in all the missions. There would also be a key villain and in order to make the story even more realistic. There are some story playbacks from time to time, The action scenes are wild even for a good action movie. This way, CoD Ghosts would guarantee hours, days, weeks or even months of full-blown entertainment.


Next to all the functions Call of Duty fans are already familiar with, there is a new squad mode the entry level. There are improve customization methods. There are ways to buy tons of extras and those who prove to be the best in the game or in a challenge will earn plenty of extras too. Squads mode would allow players to decide if they want to play against bots or against other players.


It’s a highly entertaining game for all the action fanatics.


While the game is available for both PS and Xbox. It’s primarily geared towards PS4 users and its quality is weaker for Xbox users. Bear in mind that this is a strictly 18+ game.