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Call Of Duty Strike Team Apk

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Many years ago, when the first Call of Duty was released, not even its developers expected such a massive success for the game that is has since presented. Call Of Duty Strike Team Apk have a large and strong fan base who are ready to buy all versions of Call of Duty. Now, Call of Duty Strike Team is also out so let’s see how this differs from the rest of the CoD series and what new Strike Team has on offer.


Call Of Duty Strike Team Apk is a pretty violent action /military style game which has lots of shooting and killing. In this regard Call of Duty Strike Team is no different either. What makes it stand out is that this is a mobile feature, which means that users can download and play it from their mobile phones or tablets. The mobile game, due to offering high availability on the phones is luckily not as violent as the console game versions. Also, it has put more emphasis on all those users who are new to the game. This way, there is more help at hand and there is an added in-app purchase element too for buying extras.


Players can choose in-between two key perspectives: the first-person perspective and the top-down birds’ eye view perspective. There are multiple tactical features which player can choose from during the game.


  • It’s an action-packed game which is definitely entertaining.
  • Call of Duty Strike Team has no multiplayer options.
  • Although it’s less violent than the normal game it’s still not those who are under a certain age.
  • The game is still too big to play from mobile device.


This means that many functions would be lacking or would not work properly. Many would miss the multi-player mode too. The game is only available through purchase (USD 6,99), therefore many users are surprised about the presence of the in-app purchase system.