Call Of Duty World At War Zombies Apk

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Call Of Duty World At War Zombies Apk
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If you are fan of Call Of Duty World At War Zombies Apk and you are also fan of zombie games, then you will surely become mesmerized by the newest addition in the CoD universe which features both in one game! The game sells for USD 9,99 and it’s a mobile game currently available for iOS users only.


The game is action packed and it’s definitely scary with all the zombies out there. The level of violence is very high (hence the 18+ label) The base story is during the World War 2 and the key character is trapped in a bunker and has to fight Nazi zombies. The game’s graphics are in 3D the soundtrack makes it all the scarier. It’s also definitely geared towards the Call of Duty fans and collectors.


You can find all basic features which common Call Of Duty World At War Zombies Apk can present you with. As the importance here is on the graphics and action do not expect too many novelties in terms of the basic features other CoD games have.


It’s a treat for the horror movie fanatics especially for guys around 20-40 years of age. This game is definitely a 18+ game, do not let your kid purchase it under this age.


As most action packed console games, some features would not work as slick on mobile devices as they do in the console game. The fact that it’s limited to iOS users may cause problems.