Call Of Duty Zombies Apk

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Call Of Duty Zombies Apk

About App:

Call Of Duty Zombies Apk or on its full name Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is another sequel of the immensely popular CoD series featuring tons of zombies to fight with this time around. This game is a mobile version of Call of Duty and it’s available for Android users and it costs USD 6,99 per purchase.


If you like shooting zombies, horror movies and action games, then the CoD Zombies has it all for you. The high-paced action game will surely entertain everyone who is over 18 years of age due to the gory and wild scenes.


This time around, Call Of Duty Zombies Apk puts more emphasis on mobile phone use which means, that those who play a game on a mobile device would normally have less free time to engage in shootings and missions. This game is much less committal than a full-blown version and although it has a basic story, it basically builds on the kill to survive scheme. There are 3 levels of difficulty to play the game, there are several modes to choose from ( recruit, regular and veteran) with each one featuring varying level of difficulty, there are maps, a good tutorial for new starters and lots of new environments, to keep the game exciting. The multiplayer mode is good up to 3 players.


The graphics are pretty good, so is the music. The fact that this game concentrates on mobile users makes it much more playable on mobile devices than the other CoD mobile games.


It’s gory and it’s definitely not for kids. However, most players are pretty enthusiastic about it.