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Call Of Mini Infinity Apk

About App:

An action-packed futuristic fighting game specifically devised for mobile device users Call of Mini: Infinity is part of Call Of Mini Infinity Apk-series. The app is free to download for iOS users primarily, through iTunes store.


Call Of Mini Infinity Apk is a shooting/action game which plays in an indefinite future. According to its backstory the Earth is endangered by a large Meteorite impact and people are looking for new places to live to colonize these. During these quests they keep on encountering some unfriendly aliens and they need to fight them and conquer them in order to conquer a whole planet. This means, that the game is full of fighting all sorts of aliens which might make it attractive to a whole lot of people especially youngsters.


Call of Mini: Infinity features 3D graphics, shooting game play with sound effects, users can upgrade their weaponry (in-app purchases available) and they can learn a whole lot of new talents during their quests. Lucky players will earn coins and crystals with each one of their quest, especially when successful. Gamers are also offered the chance to play in multiplayer mode.


  • It’s free for all that matters.
  • Lots of users have reported a whole lot of bugs which stops many from enjoying the game.
  • The game also has loading issues and key performance issues and the number of movements one can do are limited (there is no way to quickly turn around for instance).


Players have also reported it being unexciting after a certain period of time.