Call Voice Changer Apk

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Call Voice Changer Apk

About the app:

Back in the day, people needed to buy specific devices if they wanted to alter their voice on the phone. Today, there are apps for that. While most voice-altering apps were developed for users who want to use these apps for fun. We will introduce some of the most popular voice changing apps on IOS and for Android users.


It’s not easy to find a proper voice changing app which would work fine without ads and other interruptions and which can be downloaded both by iOS and Android users. Call Voice Changer is one of the few apps which are good in quality and available both for Android and iOS users. Call Voice Changer Apk would allow users to change the basic pitch of their own voice to a chosen degree. It would also add certain sound effects to someone’s voice.


The Demo mode would allow you to listen to your voice in an altered mode before you allow other people to hear you this way. On the top right of the screen you can see how many free minutes you have, the other option is to go to purchase more minutes.


As most voice altering apps don’t work too well Call Voice Changer Apk is definitely above the competition. It’s a fun app for doing prank calls.


Only two minutes are free, after that you will need to pay an extra for using the application. We guess this is because they don’t want it to be too obviously free for those who would want to use it for illegal reasons.