Camera Fv 5 Apk

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Camera Fv 5 Apk

About app: 

Camera Fv 5 Apk is best for the professionals, who look for a real good camera application to work with it. Camera EV 5 would deliver a top rated photo and video quality.


Camera Fv 5 Apk is designed for those who want a very good application without any glam features and accessories. This is a ready to use app for those who deal with the making of professional photos or videos this or that way. The application focuses on providing a DSLR camera quality photo making option.


The menu is pretty straight forward, according to many, it’s a bit bulkier than it should be. You really must try it first to see how much it improves the actual camera quality, no matter how good your base camera quality is. The best features include a high quality white –balance, manual bracketing, manual setting options and shutter speed control to reach either longer or shorter exposure time.  The app is available for Android devices only. Other notable features include exposure compensation and the metering/ distancing. There are two versions of the app, a free version and a paid version with the paid version containing even more features. It costs GBP 2.49.


  • The app provides lots of learning opportunities for new starters.
  • We definitely suggest you to download and exercise a good deal of time on the free version to see how you can deal with the app on your device first.


It’s reported to be buggy and shut down from time to time. It may depend on the device you use it on too.