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Candy crush Apk

About App:

There is hardly any game that’s become so popular over the past few years, since people have actively started to use smartphones, than Candy Crush Saga the epitome of smartphone games. Candy crush Apk has been actively advertised in series, movies and there are millions around the world who actively play it. Candy Crush is available both for iPhone and Android users.


Candy crush Apk game seems pretty easy for start. It’s a Tetris-style game where you need to match in colour and make sure that you go through each round to level up and to earn points. The game in itself is highly addictive because it’s also highly engaging.


Progress through each rounds seems easy at start but then it is getting more and more difficult. That’s when in app purchases such as boosts and extra lives come in the picture. As per the game you lose a life each time you cannot go through a round or a quest. The game also offers players to connect with social media and get friends send each other boosts.


  • The game is very active, which means it can be played for any periods of time.
  • The in-app purchases are very pushy and as players progress.
  • They are sort of forced to buy in case they want to continue.
  • This is what more and more people find annoying.


The game should be played by people above 13 but this is still hardly an age when someone could responsibly think when it comes to purchasing extras to continue.