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Car Race APK

About app

This is a super fast car race game. You can overpower the street with high glide racing ability. This amazing fast paced strong walkway car racing game place in streets with ten exceptional cars particularly made for a high racing rush. In this game, you will get to select countryside roads, unlimited race in the streets and more style. Pick up coins, take down traffic cars, avoid crashes, cask through crowded streets, and perform high-speed and dynamic aerial stunts! This app will dare even the most talented racing fans. These fast paced cars will burn down the streets. Car Race is completely loaded with dynamic racing levels and super- fast cars. Get set to drive super fast cars and modify them for keeping the best performance


For all racing lovers, extreme car racing app is here. Perk up your drifting and car racing abilities and keep modifying your cars when you get latest ones because the developers update the game. Upgrade your car engine, make your car’s tires stickier and make your ride with suspension and nitrous. It’s quite hard to play this game right. You will need to tap your device’s screen for moving your car. Require getting green signal for speed, collect cash from Yellow Pedestrians and ensure that you ignore red Pedestrians and red lights. You will need to play and score higher. You can easily share this amazing game with your family members and friends.


  • Setup of cars
  • Simple management
  • Amazing 3D-graphics
  • Super fast speed
  • Practical car racing feeling
  • HD graphics
  • More racing scene to select
  • Customize your cars
  • More coins for unlocking and upgrading
  • Amazing cars and breathtaking views


  • It has incredible graphic design particularly for detailed
  • You will have a number of control for your car in this game
  • You can customize the new color for your car in the new paint workshop
  • The new airport updates will allow you to drive safely near the airport


  • No pedestrian, police and other feature will make this game dull
  • The game has very graphic
  • The steering controls of the cars are very simple