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Chameleon Apk

About App:

Chameleon Apk is a wallpaper app which once installed would automatically adapt your wallpaper to the colors of your current environment. The process of adapting looks beautiful and it’s really a treat to watch. The application is available for Android users.


Chameleon Apk is an easy application that’s based on the natural behavior of the color changing animal the chameleon. While the application doesn’t go further than that it’s still a fun addition if you are a fan of photographs and wallpapers. The app would not need large space and it’s also economical with the battery usage.


The app is called the first ever real time color adapting wallpaper that exists. You need to double tap to watch the process of adapting or there is an additional widget through which you can open the app. The key of this app is to entertain users and let them know how the process of adapting goes on. With the extra widget you can also choose key colors.


  • It’s a great fun for everyone who likes to watch color-shifting process especially on a larger, fine quality camera.
  • In this world, where users expect every application to offer tons of extras and extra features this is hardly enough on the long haul to provide long lasting entertainment.
  • Also, if your phone has a lower quality camera the app would not work as well either.


It’s a fun app but it has no depth and cannot do more than what it says it would.