Cheetah Keyboard Apk

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Cheetah Keyboard Apk

About App:

If you are looking for a fun app for kids and adults likewise, then you can try the cheetah keyboard application which represents you the world of emojis and gifs in all. Cheetah Keyboard Apk is a real emoji keyboard which would let you actually type and write with emojis. Apart from the main option the app offers tons of extras too.


Apart from the use of emojis, the Cheetah Keyboard Apk offers further functions to help people type or send a reply quicker than normal. The users can browse from among hundreds of keyboard themes and the app would also let people build their own theme too. The keyboards are animated with 3D figures which makes the experience of chatting or writing very nice especially on a larger screen.


There are tons and tons of cute keyboard features which make this app very attractive for those kids and those adults who are fans of cute animals. There are further features and customization options which are available for extra money.


  • The application is overly attractive and it’s also useful with its communication and chat helping options.
  • This way, it’s not only useful for displaying cute emojis and pictures but would also help you when it comes to quick chatting.
  • The fact that users can switch keyboards as and when they want to is even more fun in using the app.


If you let your kids use the app make sure they are aware of the in-app purchases and let them learn to avoid these whenever possible.