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Chess Apk Download APK

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Playing chess is a good board game, it helps in logical thinking and it’s also overly engaging and makes the mind work. No wonder there are millions who are fans of chess games all around the world. This is also why there are tons of Chess Apk Download offering users to play chess, with bots or with other people. This time around we would like to talk about an application that’s simply called “chess” and it’s among the best chess related applications available on Google Play to download for free.


Chess Apk Download is easy to use and only takes some free Mb of space to download.


Players can actually choose their level and offers 10 difficulty levels. This is a good way not to dissuade new starters from playing the game. There is an additional assistant to help you while you are playing. Players can also choose from 6 themes. There is a 2 player mode, you can save the game on the way and there are also good sound effect to add up to the enjoyment of the game.


  • It’s very useful to offer the 2 player option and that the game has multiple board views to enable players to see where they game is standing.
  • The difficulty levels are also much useful and the fact that this game is not focusing on in-app purchases but builds on chess itself.


There are no cons really, to this game nor to the app which is pretty good, helpful and offers you to play on different levels.